Something from Nothing

  • Something from Nothing

Old Man Zozimos moved to town with nothing but a book. He walked in, dusty from the road, said a few words to the innkeep and soon enough had himself set up in a little unfurnished apartment above Frank’s butcher shop. No one really knew what he was doing there.

He always paid his rent on time, and Frank would bring him some groceries every week in exchange for a wad of cash. No one ever saw any other deliveries go in or out, but Frank said that the place was richly furnished now, all polished ivory and velvet upholstery.

And so Zoz became something of a myth: the man who had everything from nothing. And if you had his book, you could have that, too.


Gather your friends and venture into Zoz's apartment! He's an old man, what could go wrong?

This is a surrealist bodyhorror incursion with plenty of references to various bodily fluids.

Available only in pdf.