Corpsewake Cove

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Corpsewake Cove is an adventure written and illustrated by Madeleine Ember for the MÖRK BORG game (under their Third Party License) where you FIGHT PIRATES, GET REVENGE, and STEAL THEIR FUCKING TREASURE!

What's Inside?
Adventure, tables, characters, and places printed in full color!

Choose your approach as a party: will you sneak in, disguised; or will you charge in for an all-out slaughter? Will you seek to ruin just one captain and their wretched ship, or will you bring down the rest as well? What intrigues can you leverage within this community of thieves? What secrets can you line your pockets with? What other treasures are hidden, waiting to be found for those clever and determined enough?

There’s a lot we’ve got squished onto these 44 pages, including:

D10 table of possible ways the pirates ruined your life - everything from stealing your curtains to murdering your dog
3 custom backgrounds for PCs who want something other than revenge: The Dewey-Eyed Pirate Wannabe: fake it till you make it; The Bounty Hunter: get your mark, get your pay; The Treasure-Crazed Lunatic: get rich or die trying.
The complete text for how to play the adventure including traps and puzzles
Descriptions of key NPCs with stat blocks and portraits
Bestiary including stats and images

The Fearsome Manticore and the Not-to-be-spoken-of Ex-Parrot
D20 table of random encounters on the streets of Corpsewake Cove
Adventure-wide map, as well as key location maps and descriptions
D100 table of pirate booty
...and big, splashy illustrations to bring the text to life in a punk-art, graphic style.

What's Mörk Borg?
MÖRK BORG hit the Roleplaying Game world a year or so ago, and we have been itching to try our hand at making something in the genre since then. In Mork Borg, the world has really truly gone to to shit. It's dying, and everyone knows we're making-do till it finally all falls apart. But in these bleak times we can still get a little scratch and try to find some sliver of satisfaction. The art blends punk, the cut-and-paste zine approach, and elements of dadaism and thrash metal graphics. We made a one-page dungeon for MÖRK BORG as part of Dissident Whispers (which also happened to be Madeleine's first try at making an isometric map!) and really liked the taste.

Corpsewake Cove is our first adventurous foray into the graphic and thematic world of MÖRK BORG. Bright, gritty illustrations accompany evocative text - a mad run on the rough streets of a pirate town, to the harbor beyond, and slogging desperately through the cadaver-clogged sewers below. Chock full of swashbuckling, zombie-burning, rabble rousing, and pirate murdering! The tone is grim as the grave - you will take revenge for what the pirates did to you and your family. But there’s also plenty of room for bleak nihilism and a bit of graveyard humor.

But, hey, don't take our word for it. In the words of MÖRK BORG's creators:

"MÖRK BORG is a blackened artpunk doomsday rpg about miserable bastards and heretics enduring a bleak, dying world. It's a doom metal album of a game. A spiked flail to the face. Rules light, heavy everything else. It's made by Pelle Nilsson of Ockult Örtmästare Games and Johan Nohr from Stockholm Kartell, and published by Free League Publishing. Check it out at, you might like it."

Obligatory License Text

Corpsewake Cove is an independent production by Ember + Ash Games and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the Mörk BORG Third Party License.

Mörk BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.

Details & Credits
A5 size, 44 pages, Full Color.
Written and Illustrated by Madeleine Ember
Layout and Editing by Natalie Ash
Additional Editing and Proofreading by Michael Van Vleet
Softcover ISBN: 978-1-952731-06-8